Friday, March 8, 2013

Tut tut it looks like....SNOW?

Yay! Spring is finally here and the weather outside has been nice and warm. For at least most of the day. Or so we all thought!

This morning, I had a meeting at work and so I got up early and was listening to my radio and humming along when the announcer came on. I only caught part of what he said but I definitely hear the part where he said "and it is snowing outside."

I thought to myself "No way! No way! It was just starting to get nice again. It CAN'T be snowing." Well folks, sure enough it was snowing as I drove to work this morning. I certainly hope that your day has been warmer than mine has been.

Can you believe it? I mean really, come on now! I was just starting to get used to the nice weather we are having. Boo-hoo!

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