Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Making Your Life Greener

I am sure that you are among the majority of people that when you're finished washing your hands in the restroom that your either use the air hand dryer (if available) or you grab a fist full of paper towels. Well fear no more with:


Sweet! So I was reading one of my many magazines the other day and noticed an article about how to dry your hands with just one, I repeat, just ONE towel! Here are the steps:

1) Wash hands like normal.

2) Turn off tap (please).

3) Shake hands vigorously 12 times (yes, I know this sounds like a lot but it is over pretty quick)

4) Take a towel from the dispenser (only if there is no air dryer available) and fold it in half (that's the secret part)

5) Then dry hands off!

It's that easy! Now go out there and make the world a better place!

Monday, July 22, 2013

REWIEW: Dark Side Skittles

So I was in the car today and we had some dark side skittles and I decided to share my opinion of them with you.

Dark Side Skittles

So my first question about the whole dark side skittles was "It is making fun of the new owner ship of Star Wars???" I am sure that a lot of you have been thinking the same thing.

I think that the flavor is a little more muted than the regular skittles. There are 5 different flavors: Pomegranate, Dark Berry, Midnight Lime, Forbidden Fruit, and (my personal favorite) Blood Orange. The amount of calories are still the same as the regular package.

I would recommend these if your want more of a fruity taste than the regular skittles. Personally I think these and the tropical ones are really great!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Joann Steals & Deals

The other day I decided to take a detour while I was getting lunch and stop at Joann's. I am so glad that I did!

I was just going to look through the clearance section but I went around by the hot-fix crystal section. I couldn't believe it! Several of the $5 packets were $1! It was such a great deal that I got all of the ones that they had on the shelf. I got several colors. Pink, green, and blue.

I also had a 50% off coupon and asked the lady at the counter if I could use a coupon on a magazine. She said that as long as the magazines weren't already on sale I could. So I decided to get a Do It Yourself Magazine since I have always wanted to read on.

Wait! It gets even better! As I was checking out I used my student discount card (good until August something) and the lady at the counter said that this month was student discount month. So instead of getting my regular 10% off regular & clearance price items I got 20% off! How great so that made all of my hot-fix crystals 80 cents and my magazine a little less than $2.50. SWEET!

What a great deal! Post a comment below of your best deal ever!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

REVIEW: Starbuck Refreshers

I am sure that all of you have heard about the latest and greatest Starbucks Product that is out there:
Starbucks Refreshers
Well folks, I tried one out. They are pretty good! I was at the grocery store and I was thirsty so I stopped in the cold drink aisle. And lo and behold there were the Starbucks refreshers! They come in three different flavors (in order of picture above) orange + mango, Raspberry Pomegranate, and Strawberry Lemonade. I am not a big fan of mango, and I thought that pomegranate might be a little on the bitter side so I took a Strawberry Lemonade.
It was really good! I thought the packaging was nice. The colors are great. The taste was mild and I didn't expect it to taste the way it did. It was light and afterwards your breath smelled like strawberry lemonade. The taste wasn't like a kick in the mouth like some drinks are and it is carbonated so you can have your bubbly! :) I enjoyed it and I will probably have another one.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sorry for the non-posting

I have been sick for the last several weeks and so I am sorry that I haven't posted. But I am sure that all of you would prefer delayed posts to no posts at all again. ;) Just kidding, although I am feeling much more alive lately! I had a sinus infection plus I seem to be having a hard time with allergies so it hasn't been fun.

Anyway, enough about me for the moment.

It has been really warm (hot really) here. Except for today, it is raining. Which is okay since I went to pick raspberries this afternoon and we were worried that it was going to be at least 100 degrees today. Oh well, the rain gives us a moment of cool and washes away some of the pollen. In which case, I couldn't be happier.

The rain is probably going to make audience attendance for the Twin Falls Municipal City concert pretty low tonight. I hope the rain does stop though so that it won't be as cold this evening. Anyway, in the event you do come bring your stuffed animal with you! The theme is Animal Parade (I believe it is anyway either that or Teddy Bear Picnic). Plus we are doing a song called Teddy Bear Picnic in which the percussion section has to "growl" like a bear. Seriously! The music calls for "Bear Growl". Ha-ha!

Anyway, thanks for allowing me to take a week to get better and I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday Morning Blues

Hey Everyone! Its JULY!!!!!

Which is great because all of the machine embroidery websites should have new free patterns! My favorite is Oregon Patch Works! That is because they have a whole bunch of new patterns for free every month! I usually don't check it until the end of the month though, since they add new ones every week. You do have to sign up for their member's club which is free and they just need your email so it is great. Plus they have Designer of the Week Specials (DOW Specials) that sometimes get to as high as 75% off. So normally $20 sets are $5 which is a STEAL!

Anyway, enough about embroidery, so by this point you are probably wondering why the title of the post is Monday Morning Blues. Well, that is because I just feel like I need to get out of my house this morning. Plus, Joanne is having their big 4th of July sale so I think that I am going to go take a quick peek. Mainly so that I can get out but also because I have a 20% off total purchase on regular AND clearance price item. Which is great.

Off to shopping I go! I'll post if I see a really great deal!