Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday Morning Blues

Hey Everyone! Its JULY!!!!!

Which is great because all of the machine embroidery websites should have new free patterns! My favorite is Oregon Patch Works! That is because they have a whole bunch of new patterns for free every month! I usually don't check it until the end of the month though, since they add new ones every week. You do have to sign up for their member's club which is free and they just need your email so it is great. Plus they have Designer of the Week Specials (DOW Specials) that sometimes get to as high as 75% off. So normally $20 sets are $5 which is a STEAL!

Anyway, enough about embroidery, so by this point you are probably wondering why the title of the post is Monday Morning Blues. Well, that is because I just feel like I need to get out of my house this morning. Plus, Joanne is having their big 4th of July sale so I think that I am going to go take a quick peek. Mainly so that I can get out but also because I have a 20% off total purchase on regular AND clearance price item. Which is great.

Off to shopping I go! I'll post if I see a really great deal!

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