Thursday, December 3, 2015


Holiday Gift and Craft Fair

Where: Old Middle School Gym at Jerome School District Office, 107 3rd Avenue West, Jerome

When: December 4th 10 am - 7 pm
            December 5th  10 am - 5 pm

Come do all your Christmas and Holiday shopping in ONE trip! 

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Black Friday Coupon!

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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Carle the Cat Story Part 11

Carle the Cat Story Part 11

The car ride to the robber’s hideout was not very far away from the fair. The FBI agent lead Carle to a barn and showed Carle inside. “Two-shakes!” called out Carle, “It’s me Carle! Are you hear Two-shakes?” Just as Carle finished calling out a very old sheep walked up to Carle and rubbed his head against Carle’s knee. “Hello old friend!” Carle said as he bent down and patted Two-shakes on the head, “Let’s go home.”

When Two-shakes and Carle arrived at Farmer Deere’s farm the farmer came up to meet them. “Hello Sir!” said Carle, “I believe this one is yours.” He handed the leash that Two-shakes was on to Farmer John. “Thank you! Where did you find him?” he said happily. “Well it’s a long story,” sighed Carle. Carle patted Two-shakes on the head and said, “Goodnight Two-shakes”. Carle walked away into the night.

As Carle made his way down the road the fair once again appeared to Carle. “Woah!” cried Carle in surprise, “I wish you would give me a little warning before you did that!” “Sorry” said the fairy in a tinkling voice. “Do you still want to be a cowboy Carle? It would mean that you wouldn’t be able to visit Two-shakes again?” She asked him with concern. “Well…It was fun,” Carle replied. “However, I think I enjoy being a cat.” As soon as he had finished his sentence the fairy waved her wand and Carle was back in his cat form. “Thank…” he started to say but the fairy had disappeared into the night sky. Carle sighed a happy sigh and found his way back to his trash can. “I will surprise Two-shakes tomorrow morning,” he thought as he drifted off into a deep sleep.

The End.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Carle the Cat Story Part 10

As Carle ran towards the thief the man looked up and saw Carle running towards them! “Augh!” the robber cried! “Not so fast!” said a man dressed in a suit as he stepped out of the shadows. “You are under arrest!” “Augh!” cried the other robber as he tried to run away. “Caught you!” cried Carle as he grabbed the man by the shirt collar.
After the man in the suit had put the robber in a police car he turned towards Carle and shook his hand. “Thanks for all your help, Sir. I probably would not have been able to chase that guy down by myself if he had started to run.” “No problem officer, by the way, which branch do you work for?” “FBI” the man replied, “But don’t spread it around. I like to keep my surprise arrests secret” “Officer, I have another problem I think that man stole my friend – I mean my friend’s lamb named Two-shakes. Do you know where I might be able to find it?” Carle asked. “Another one of the agents found the robber’s hideout, would you like to ride along?” “Thanks! That would be really nice!” replied Carle.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Carle the Cat Story Part 9

      Finally Carle made it to the barns where all the animals were being kept. He entered the sheep barn and looked around. “Two-shakes?” He said as he looked inside of each pen. “Twwwwooo-shaaaaakes…” Carle was surprised. It was really hard, now that he was human, to tell if the sheep looked different. Of course, a few had spots or were black but Carle was having trouble finding Two-shakes. “Twwwwooo-shaaaaakes…” Carle continued to call. As he called out he heard a sheep in the back that was making a lot of noise. He decided that he probably should check out what was going on. As Carle made his way towards the back he noticed that a men who had on jail suit was trying to wrestle a sheep into a crate! “Hey!” Carle shouted as he ran towards the robber!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Carle the Cat Story Part 8

Carle continued to make his way through the fairgrounds. He decided that he should probably take a short-cut through the eating area. While Carle was walking he was surprised to smell all the different foods that were being cooked. All of a sudden, Carle spied a lamb sandwich booth! “Oh no!” cried Carle thinking that his best friend had been cooked. “Excuse me sir!” Carle asked the man that was in charge of the booth. “Did you cook this lamb recently?” he asked sadly. “No! Of course not! I am too busy to get fresh meat ready to cook. I bought all of this meat a few days ago. Want a sandwich?” asked the man wearing an apron and chef hat. “Ummm…no thanks.” Carle said making a sick face, “Do you happen to have any kibble?” The man in the booth raised his eyebrows at Carle. “No, sorry” he replied shaking his head. “Ok, well thanks anyway” replied Carle as he continued his journey towards the animal barns.