Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Great American Vacation Series (Post #2)


Okay so all seven of us are stuffed into my grandpa's SUV. By the way, thanks grandpa for being so awesome and letting us all ride in your car!  And we're traveling through Yellowstone!

Side note here: Yellowstone has some vastly different parts to it. It has forests, geysers, and a bunch of other neat things (of course, some of which you will get to see)

Anyways here are a few pictures:

This is some of the beautiful scenery that we viewed. A lot of the area of Yellowstone is like this. Isn't it gorgeous?

This is the first "steam" pool that we saw. It is basically a pool with sulfuric water in it. This one was bubbling and you can tell that is hot from the steam.

This is another one that we saw. I think it is so amazing that you can go from lush green grass to steaming crystal clear pools of water. This particular pool fascinated me because you could see straight to the bottom of it. Also, my dad has polarized sun glasses and when you put those on you could really see how deep they are. If you don't have polarized glasses on the pools only look about three inches deep but when you put on the glasses you come to realize that they are, in reality, several feet deep.

This is another view of the same pool.

This is the area where some of the books were. Here is part of the run off of one. I know you aren't supposed to do this but I actually felt the water and the amazing thing is that even though we were just a couple of feet from one of the steaming pools the water was cool (almost cold).

Anyway, that is just a few of my pictures. School has started up again so I am sure to post something about what I am doing but you can at least enjoy these few pictures. TTFN!

Party Time!

Yay! We have hit the mark!

You are now viewing a blog that has over 1,000 page views!!! Aren't you excited? I certainly am!

So make sure and tell all your friends, acquaintances and people that you meet on the street (unless of course, you think that they are a creeper) (wink! wink!) Just kidding, but seriously spread the word!

Yay! Let's all celebrate! Everybody go get your self a coffee (or soda, or whatever!) and tell someone about this blog! :)

Awesome pic found at this blog

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Great American Vacation Series (Post #1)

Okay, so I am finally, finally, finally, finally, etc. posting about my two week vacation during this summer.

Yes, I know that it has been a couple of weeks and I am sorry that you all have been breathlessly anticipating the arrival of the vacation posts but they are now here! Yay!

It has been a crazy couple of weeks but more on that later!



So the first day was mostly driving and we didn't take a lot of pictures (mostly because it looked like home anyway). But we did get to the RV camp and went to bed early since it was going to be an early morning because the earlier you get up the more animals you are going to see.

This is mostly because (for some strange reason) wild animals like to get up at the crack of dawn to go down to a river or stream to get a drink.

Well that's about it for the first day. TTFN

Noooo! Just kidding, you thought that I was going to leave you hanging with that didn't you? Ha-ha.


So we got up early the next morning at about six in the morning. Extremely early for me but I was willing to get up to go see all the cute animals. We all piled into my grandparents car and drove to the West entrance of Yellowstone.

Side note here: My grandparents have a Golden Age Pass that allows them to get into all National Parks for Free. Pretty sweet deal!

Anyway, so we were in my grandparent's SUV and we were going around and this is the first animal we saw:

Awesome right? Yeah, we thought so. This deer was about one foot away from the road. And she was just eating her breakfast. We didn't get out of the car since it is dangerous to approach wild animals. But she was so close! So I took this picture.
Well, that is all for today! I will post more in a few days. TTFN

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


I almost forgot to let everybody know that we are only 50 page views away from 1,000!!!!!!!!  Yay!

It's nice to be home

Yes indeed, it is nice to be home.

I just got back from a two week vacation with my family. We had a great time and I have tons of pictures. I am planning on doing a blog series but I need to get my photos organized.

Speaking of which, I finally FINALLY figured out how to get my pictures off of my camera.

We saw lots of national parks, new people, and things. I bought a bunch of postcards, pins, and other things which I now have to find a place for.

My aunt also had her baby so I will have a picture of that as well.

Um...what else?

Oh yes, I also got a new hat! More on that later.

Anyway, I just wanted to make a post so that you all know that I am still alive! Just kidding! I also wanted to give an update and a sneak peak into what's coming up.

See ya later gator!