Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Confession Time!

I have a confession to make:

I have and ETSY ADDICTION!!!!!!

It is terrible-but at the same time (ha ha) I have to say that I feel like a much better person for it. Wow! I really do have it bad! I love Etsy-ever since I have found out about it.

On day I was reading an article in Reader's Digest about the creator of Etsy and how it was about people making products and selling them online. I thought to myself "Well, hmm, that's interesting. I make things...maybe I should try it." Well, several years past, I continued to hear about it from people and sources here and there and the idea continued to rest on that dusty shelf in the very back of my mind about taking a look.

Well let me tell you people, IT IS AMAZING!!! I have never been more hooked on a site than Etsy!

One day, I finally decided to "dust off" the idea of Etsy and take a look around the site. Well, I probably spent at least two hours on it. I was astounded with the quality and craftsmanship of the products that people could make. As you have probably read on an earlier post, I adore vintage items and Etsy is mainly used for vintage items. I found trays, glasses, furniture, and well...just about everything!

It is really a great place for people who are into handmade, retro, vintage, and unique items. I probably have about 100 items on my "heart list" which is like a wish list.

I really really should get a shop started though, it would be really cool.

Hmm...that poses another problem, if I started to buy a bunch of stuff where would I put it???? I really don't have much more room. Thank goodness for wish lists! :)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Having meaningful conversations with people you have never met before in your life

Yes, It is possible. I seem to have a knack for meeting and making conversations with people I've never met before. In fact, I did it today at lunch. And the reason I was able to do it at lunch was because I forgot mine.

Here is how it happened:

So I forgot my lunch and I had to get one from the cafeteria at school (which actually isn't as bad as I expected it to be, considering that my experience has mostly come from elementary cafeterias (recognized by the sour milk sort of smell), junior high cafeterias (recognized by the people at the popular table-and everyone else), and high school cafeterias (which I don't really know that much about since I spent most of my lunch period wandering around the halls eating something from home). ;)

Anyway, I walked across campus in the freezing wind (literally-I felt as though my nose was going to fall off) and went to the cafeteria to get some food. Unfortunately, I didn't see anybody that I knew so I just sat at table by myself. I ended up meeting this really nice girl named Brittney (hope that I spelled that right). She said that she seemed to have a really hard time meeting new people and making new friends so I said that I could give her a few hints so here's what I told her:


First off, check to see if your intended subject looks like a normal person-that is a good indication of where your conversation is headed. Second check to see if they look friendly-if they are scowling or busy studying, best to leave them to their selves.

Next, make a general question about them-for example, "That is a really nice shirt, where did you get it?" or "I love that backpack, where did you get it?"

Now there are two directions the conversation can go from here: If they cut you off or are curt in their reply best to say "Hmmm..I'll have to check out that store." or "Oh, that's nice" and end the conversation there-because they are obviously to busy to have time or you, or they think that you are a lesser form of life and are therefore, unintelligent as well. Or they will give you a nice reply and look like they are interested in what you're saying.

If the second thing happens then you can start talking to them. Usually from this point I try to make conversation about something unemotional or normal-such as the weather or what class they are taking or something of that sort.

I have found that most people love talking about themselves so I generally isn't hard to talk about something with them.

Side note-Don't over share, strangers don't want to know about the type of underwear you use or how nasty your cousin's divorce was they just want to talk about surface things.

And if at any point the strangers starts asking questions you're uncomfortable with or you get the feeling that they moonlight as a stalker it is o.k. to walk away from them. Besides, what have you really lost anyway-they were a stranger to begin with.

So go out there and meet somebody new! ;)

Moving Up in the World

Yay!! Happy 200 Page views Day!!

Yeah, o.k., I made that up, but thanks to all of you guys I can say that!!! Doesn't that make you feel happy inside?? It makes me happy!! So get yourself a piece of cake or a slice of pizza and celebrate!!

Monday, January 28, 2013

For the Love of VINATAGE!

I absolutely LOVE anything old.

I adore vintage and retro items--especially if I happen to find them for a great price.

Just the other day I went "thrifting" a.k.a. thrift shopping and I found this really really cute spoon holder for the stove. The thing that really got my attention was the fact that it was in such a great condition. It even had the original sticker on the back. I thought "No way! This is so awesome and in such great condition that I can't believe that somebody else didn't pick it up before I did." Plus the fact that it was only one dollar, so of course I brought it home.

So know you have to understand my delima of where to put my new found treasure. This is a problem of my own making because I have a lot (seriously-A LOT) of kitchen items that I keep in my room since I still live with my parents. I am always joking that I have my own kitchen-it's just underneath my bed. Ha-ha-ha.

Well, I ended up putting it in a box with a set of really cute owl glasses that I have. So I did find a spot for it but I need to be careful 'cause I am running out of room.

What is your view on thriftiness?


I made my first bling project!! It was AWESOME!!! My sister has a long shirt-p.j. style that my mom wanted me to make an embriodery design on.

The shirt was red and it was around Christmas time (o.k., technically after Christmas, but hey! we had family dinners and all that going on.) so I decided to put a snowflake on the knee area in the front and three little snowflakes in the back.

So I finished the snowflake with my sewing machine and then I put the crystals on it and this is how it turned out.

Pretty good I think!

I'm writing a book!!

Yay! I am going to accomplish one of my life-long dreams!!!

I am going to publish a book!-about me.

And not to sound selfish, no, it hasn't been a life long dream to publish a book about myself, it's just been a dream to publish a book.

(Yeah, the day I turned two, I calmly looked at my mom and said "Mother, I believe that I would like to publish a book about my life, because I am such a prodigy that people will want to read about me in the years to come)-HAHAHAHAHAH- I crack myself up!!

In all seriousness though, I am going to publish a book. I am taking a class called "Advanced Electronic Publishing" and we are going to publish a book about our lives up to this point. Which I think is going to be an interesting endeavor.

I made a book about myself when I was in sixth grade, but it wasn't really "published". Actually, I am not even sure if we still have it....hmmm....anyway, we are going to be publishing it and I believe that other people can actually buy it off the site-more details on that later.

I am a little excited/nervous/curious about the whole process and I think that this class is going to be quite interesting

I just need to think up a title for the book. Any suggestions? And no, suggestions like "Corissa the Airhead" are not going to be accepted!!! Although, I know all of you would NEVER suggest something like that. :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sorry, I can't spell

Okay. So my little sister just pointed out that I grammered (yes, I know that's not a word!) wrong.

I posted about chips forever ago and she pointed out that I made a mistake in the first sentence, but it is fixed now. :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Early classes

Yay! It's back to school again.... And why does there have to be early classes. I have a class on Mondays and Wednesdays that starts at 8:00. Now, I know what your thinking- 8:00? That's not early! Well, let me tell you this, waking up at 8:30 or 9:00 during a month break can certainly throw you off your game.

Anyway, so I wasn't a lazy bum this morning and I did get up at 7:00 ( I just laid back down again for about ten minutes.). And I had my breakfast, scraped all the ice off my car and drove to school all the while seeing my breath INSIDE the car. Got to class. And low and behold- the door is locked and the lights are off! So I went to the office and asked the lady if the had moved the class. "No," she replies. "The class starts at 8:30". And I think to myself. "And I got up early!!!"

This ever happened to any of you? Leave a comment and let me know.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Joann Coupons

Yay! Joann has a 50% off this week! I can't wait to use it! I also saw on their flyer for next week two more 50% off coupons!  Hip-hip-horray!

Usually Joann just has their 40% off coupons, but occasionally I get lucky and find a 50% off one. I usually use the 50% off ones to buy embriodery interfaceing, hand-embriodery patterns, or other fun stuff.

This time though I am going to get a crystal thingy (so scientific aren't I?) It attaches crystals to material. I have been wanting one for a while so I'm going to get it. Last week there was a 40% off coupon and I got some crystals, so now I just need the attacher thingy that puts them on the material and off I go.

FYI: I will post whatever I decide to bling up!


Friday, January 4, 2013

Selling Crafts

So for a long time now, I have been wanting to start selling some of my crafts. So I was talking to one of my co-workers yesterday and she said that I should bring them into work to sell.

And I thought to myself "Hey! Why not?". So I go brave and decided to take some to work.

So today I took one of my hat boxes and set up a "stand" for my crafts. I took clips, headbands, and scarves. 

;) Hopefully they will sell quick!

Here are some examples of the things I took to my work.