Monday, January 28, 2013

I'm writing a book!!

Yay! I am going to accomplish one of my life-long dreams!!!

I am going to publish a book!-about me.

And not to sound selfish, no, it hasn't been a life long dream to publish a book about myself, it's just been a dream to publish a book.

(Yeah, the day I turned two, I calmly looked at my mom and said "Mother, I believe that I would like to publish a book about my life, because I am such a prodigy that people will want to read about me in the years to come)-HAHAHAHAHAH- I crack myself up!!

In all seriousness though, I am going to publish a book. I am taking a class called "Advanced Electronic Publishing" and we are going to publish a book about our lives up to this point. Which I think is going to be an interesting endeavor.

I made a book about myself when I was in sixth grade, but it wasn't really "published". Actually, I am not even sure if we still have it....hmmm....anyway, we are going to be publishing it and I believe that other people can actually buy it off the site-more details on that later.

I am a little excited/nervous/curious about the whole process and I think that this class is going to be quite interesting

I just need to think up a title for the book. Any suggestions? And no, suggestions like "Corissa the Airhead" are not going to be accepted!!! Although, I know all of you would NEVER suggest something like that. :)

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