Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Having meaningful conversations with people you have never met before in your life

Yes, It is possible. I seem to have a knack for meeting and making conversations with people I've never met before. In fact, I did it today at lunch. And the reason I was able to do it at lunch was because I forgot mine.

Here is how it happened:

So I forgot my lunch and I had to get one from the cafeteria at school (which actually isn't as bad as I expected it to be, considering that my experience has mostly come from elementary cafeterias (recognized by the sour milk sort of smell), junior high cafeterias (recognized by the people at the popular table-and everyone else), and high school cafeterias (which I don't really know that much about since I spent most of my lunch period wandering around the halls eating something from home). ;)

Anyway, I walked across campus in the freezing wind (literally-I felt as though my nose was going to fall off) and went to the cafeteria to get some food. Unfortunately, I didn't see anybody that I knew so I just sat at table by myself. I ended up meeting this really nice girl named Brittney (hope that I spelled that right). She said that she seemed to have a really hard time meeting new people and making new friends so I said that I could give her a few hints so here's what I told her:


First off, check to see if your intended subject looks like a normal person-that is a good indication of where your conversation is headed. Second check to see if they look friendly-if they are scowling or busy studying, best to leave them to their selves.

Next, make a general question about them-for example, "That is a really nice shirt, where did you get it?" or "I love that backpack, where did you get it?"

Now there are two directions the conversation can go from here: If they cut you off or are curt in their reply best to say "Hmmm..I'll have to check out that store." or "Oh, that's nice" and end the conversation there-because they are obviously to busy to have time or you, or they think that you are a lesser form of life and are therefore, unintelligent as well. Or they will give you a nice reply and look like they are interested in what you're saying.

If the second thing happens then you can start talking to them. Usually from this point I try to make conversation about something unemotional or normal-such as the weather or what class they are taking or something of that sort.

I have found that most people love talking about themselves so I generally isn't hard to talk about something with them.

Side note-Don't over share, strangers don't want to know about the type of underwear you use or how nasty your cousin's divorce was they just want to talk about surface things.

And if at any point the strangers starts asking questions you're uncomfortable with or you get the feeling that they moonlight as a stalker it is o.k. to walk away from them. Besides, what have you really lost anyway-they were a stranger to begin with.

So go out there and meet somebody new! ;)

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  1. nice post. You can write! You should be proud of yourself. Mom.