Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Confession Time!

I have a confession to make:

I have and ETSY ADDICTION!!!!!!

It is terrible-but at the same time (ha ha) I have to say that I feel like a much better person for it. Wow! I really do have it bad! I love Etsy-ever since I have found out about it.

On day I was reading an article in Reader's Digest about the creator of Etsy and how it was about people making products and selling them online. I thought to myself "Well, hmm, that's interesting. I make things...maybe I should try it." Well, several years past, I continued to hear about it from people and sources here and there and the idea continued to rest on that dusty shelf in the very back of my mind about taking a look.

Well let me tell you people, IT IS AMAZING!!! I have never been more hooked on a site than Etsy!

One day, I finally decided to "dust off" the idea of Etsy and take a look around the site. Well, I probably spent at least two hours on it. I was astounded with the quality and craftsmanship of the products that people could make. As you have probably read on an earlier post, I adore vintage items and Etsy is mainly used for vintage items. I found trays, glasses, furniture, and well...just about everything!

It is really a great place for people who are into handmade, retro, vintage, and unique items. I probably have about 100 items on my "heart list" which is like a wish list.

I really really should get a shop started though, it would be really cool.

Hmm...that poses another problem, if I started to buy a bunch of stuff where would I put it???? I really don't have much more room. Thank goodness for wish lists! :)

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