Monday, January 28, 2013

For the Love of VINATAGE!

I absolutely LOVE anything old.

I adore vintage and retro items--especially if I happen to find them for a great price.

Just the other day I went "thrifting" a.k.a. thrift shopping and I found this really really cute spoon holder for the stove. The thing that really got my attention was the fact that it was in such a great condition. It even had the original sticker on the back. I thought "No way! This is so awesome and in such great condition that I can't believe that somebody else didn't pick it up before I did." Plus the fact that it was only one dollar, so of course I brought it home.

So know you have to understand my delima of where to put my new found treasure. This is a problem of my own making because I have a lot (seriously-A LOT) of kitchen items that I keep in my room since I still live with my parents. I am always joking that I have my own kitchen-it's just underneath my bed. Ha-ha-ha.

Well, I ended up putting it in a box with a set of really cute owl glasses that I have. So I did find a spot for it but I need to be careful 'cause I am running out of room.

What is your view on thriftiness?

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