Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Carle the Cat Story Part 8

Carle continued to make his way through the fairgrounds. He decided that he should probably take a short-cut through the eating area. While Carle was walking he was surprised to smell all the different foods that were being cooked. All of a sudden, Carle spied a lamb sandwich booth! “Oh no!” cried Carle thinking that his best friend had been cooked. “Excuse me sir!” Carle asked the man that was in charge of the booth. “Did you cook this lamb recently?” he asked sadly. “No! Of course not! I am too busy to get fresh meat ready to cook. I bought all of this meat a few days ago. Want a sandwich?” asked the man wearing an apron and chef hat. “Ummm…no thanks.” Carle said making a sick face, “Do you happen to have any kibble?” The man in the booth raised his eyebrows at Carle. “No, sorry” he replied shaking his head. “Ok, well thanks anyway” replied Carle as he continued his journey towards the animal barns.

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