Monday, October 26, 2015

Carle the Cat Story Part 9

      Finally Carle made it to the barns where all the animals were being kept. He entered the sheep barn and looked around. “Two-shakes?” He said as he looked inside of each pen. “Twwwwooo-shaaaaakes…” Carle was surprised. It was really hard, now that he was human, to tell if the sheep looked different. Of course, a few had spots or were black but Carle was having trouble finding Two-shakes. “Twwwwooo-shaaaaakes…” Carle continued to call. As he called out he heard a sheep in the back that was making a lot of noise. He decided that he probably should check out what was going on. As Carle made his way towards the back he noticed that a men who had on jail suit was trying to wrestle a sheep into a crate! “Hey!” Carle shouted as he ran towards the robber!

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