Monday, October 19, 2015

Carle the Cat Story Part 7

***ACK! It's been a month since we last discussed this story. Sorry guys, life's been a little crazy lately. Enjoy the rest of the story. And as always there will be a GIVEAWAY at the end!**

“Wow!” shouted Carle, “This is amazing!” Then he suddenly remembered that his friend Two-shakes was in trouble. “Where should I look first?” Carle asked himself. “Perhaps I should check out the animal buildings in the fairgrounds since the fair started yesterday. Maybe somebody is trying to win a ribbon with Two-shakes.” Carle then started walking towards the fairgrounds. 

He got to the gate and the attendant asked him for two dollars. “Hmmm…” Carle thought to himself, “I’m not sure I have the money”. He reached into his pocket and discovered that the fairy had also but some money in his pocket. “Whew! Thank goodness!” Carle thought. “Here you go.” Carle smiled to the attendant, got his hand stamped and stepped into the fair.

It was a busy day at the fair and Carle could hardly take two steps without almost running into somebody. He thought that it might have been faster if he was a cat and then he remembered last year when he had gotten his poor tail stepped on by an unsuspecting cowgirl. Boy! Had that hurt! Well, he was glad anyway that he at least had the opportunity to ask people questions in case he needed more information about Two-shakes.

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