Saturday, September 19, 2015

Carle the Cat Story Part 6

The next morning Farmer Deere walked to Two-shakes pen. “Oh no!” cried John, “Where is Two-shakes!” as he frantically looked around the farm.

Later that morning Carle wandered to the farm to ask Two-shakes another question. Things started look very strange as Carle got closer to the farm. When he arrived Two-shakes’ pen door was open and only hung on one hinge. It looked as though somebody had tried to break-in! Carle looked around and saw Farmer John out in the fields calling Two-shakes’ name. “Augh!” cried Carle, “I wished I could be a cowboy! I could be so much more helpful if I was human!” 

Suddenly there was a huge flash of light that scared Carle. He raced to hide behind a hay bale. “Here kitty, kitty!” came a voice above Carle. Carle looked up and was surprise to see a fairy floating above him. “Whaaaaatttt?” said Carle. “I am here to grant your wish. You are now a cowboy!” the fairy said as she waved her want and POOF! Carle was now a cowboy!

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