Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Carle the Cat Story Part 2

Carle was a very lonely cat. This was probably due to his living in a trash can in the corner of the fair grounds. His home was a bit smelly he supposed but he had a wonderful view of the fair grounds and the events that took place there each year. Each morning Carle would wake up to a beautiful sunrise just over the antique building. He would eat his breakfast of scraps and dream of being a rodeo bull. After he finished his breakfast he would wander through the empty stalls and try to find a mouse or two to catch for lunch. After his lunch he would usually take a nap because eating the mice made him so very tired.
Usually Carle’s naps consisted of him as a big tough rodeo bull. He would toss all the cowboys in the air. He would be the meanest, the toughest, and the roughest bull that there ever had been at the rodeo. However, often these dreams ended up in Carle frightening himself and waking up with a jolt. After calming himself down a little, Carle would make his way over the road to see Two-shakes, the lamb in Farmer John Deere’s pasture.

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