Thursday, August 27, 2015

Carle The Cat Story Part 1

Although it is typically acknowledged that the drawbacks of living in a garbage can usually far outweigh the benefits, one major advantage is that the occupant of said garbage can is normally left alone and thus ensures a quiet night’s rest. However, this particular garbage can’s location happens to be in a far corner of a county fairgrounds. So, when the fair comes around as it does every year, this garbage can’s resident is denied his rest, even if his place of residence has been overlooked by the people who invade the fair grounds and the workers there who normally would be disrupting the garbage can’s dweller by the constant checking of and emptying of said trash can. That is, if the occupant wasn’t right in the middle of the action. Because this garbage can’s inhabitant was one Carle, a brown male feline. But this story isn’t not about a trash can but Carle…

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