Saturday, September 19, 2015

Carle the Cat Story Part 4

“Well…let me ask you question first,” said Two-shakes. “Okay” replied Carle. “Do you like to have the same meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner?” asked the old sheep. “How about going to the same places, the same way every day?” “Well…no, not really.” Said Carle. “It is same way with all the different creatures on this earth,” explained Two-shakes. “Ah…I think I understand now,” said Carle. “We are all different because we need diversity!” “Exactly!” said Two-shakes. Just as he finished saying this Farmer John Deere walked up.
“Hello gentlemen,” Farmer John said as he patted Two-shakes fuzzy head. “What are you two up to?” he asked as he gathered feed for Two-shakes. Not really looking for an answer to his question since he knew animals couldn’t possible talk Farmer John Deere finished his chores as he kept an eye on the two animals. “Well Two-shakes,” he sighed taking his hat off and wiping his brow. “I think that it is time we turn in for the night.” Turning to Carle he said “Goodnight cat.” Carle wandered off as Farmer John petted Two-shakes and looked at the night sky…

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