Thursday, March 7, 2013

Having Fun at Sunday School

The new theme for the Sunday School quarter is "God's Church". I think that this theme is okay but it isn't the greatest, as far a imagination goes. I suppose that it is a way to get kids to think about what is really going on a church but I guess I just prefer the ones like space, jungle or themes of the like.

So I usually have a hard time thinking up creative ideas for the quarter. The lessons repeat about every four years and so I have some props that are handy but I don't like the make things the same over and over again.

So I asked my mom for some inspiration. She is really creative and her theme this time was a cave. She had made some really awesome stalagtites (I think that's correct, sorry if I have the wrong one) out of a plant cage, paper, dirt and spray paint. She is awesome.

Well, she suggested that I use the stuffed animals that we have, lots of chairs, and a pulpit that my great-grandfather made. She also suggested that I bring my camera and tape the kids playing because "you might be surprised by what they percieve". Hmmmm...I thought to myself. Sounds pretty good. So I did.

A view from the back
Preacher Bear
The Congregation

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  1. LOVE IT!!!!! Ready to go for Church on Sunday with little people.