Saturday, March 9, 2013

Great Deal at Michael's

My mother needed something from Michael's and I had two 50% off coupons from Joann's (they all take competitor coupons). So we went in and started shopping. Mom got a wall hangy thing that looks like a birdcage and some other things. I got a couple of poster board for some green screen effects that we are going to do in my multimedia production class and then I asked her if we could look at the clearance section just because you never know what you'll find.

They must of been having a huge sale or new inventory because most of the home decor stuff was 40% or 50% off. I saw a lot of things that I wanted. Not that I needed them, mind you but they sure were cute. Then I saw two little owls as salt and pepper shakers. They were originally $6 but they were 50% off so I got them for $3! How awesome is that?

I don't normally shop at Michael's a lot, just from the fact that it is kind-of out of the way but I was glad that I went today.

Awwww...aren't they cute??? (They aren't as bright as that but I think the color is a little off from the camera flash.)

What did you buy or wish you could buy recently? Leave a Comment!

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