Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Boise Music Week Play: South Pacific

So this past weekend I got to go to the Boise Music Week Play and watch South Pacific. It was fun. Usually they are pretty good and this one was good as well. The costumes were great, the singing was great.

Unfortunately, the language wasn't that great. The "Bloody Mary" actor cussed a lot and so did the officer actors. So I wasn't really impressed on that point.

Also, I didn't realize how sensual the play was. I mean really. I guess it was because the movie was just cleaned up a lot. Hmmmm....guess I will just have to be more careful about the things I watch.

It also was somewhat strange that my sister, Emily, was sick. She didn't feel well and probably should have stayed home but she really wanted to see the play. But she is feeling much better now. I think it was mostly just all of the stress since she has to take several big test these last weeks of school.

Speaking of last weeks of school, I am graduating on Friday with my associates in Graphic Design for Digital Media. Yay me!

I did some finals today and they went really well.


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