Monday, May 27, 2013

Craters of the Moon: Super Cold

Happy Memorial Day Everyone!

Since my family and I had the day off we decided to go and visit Craters of the Moon, since my sister, Emily, hadn't seen it yet.

It was a really good plan except for the fact that it was FREEZING!!!

Seriously, it was super cold. It was like 58 degrees and the wind sure wasn't helping anything. We did a little exploring. Like climbing up this hill.

(no not my picture: need to still figure out my new camera that I got for graduation, but as soon as I do I will post the pictures that I took)

We got to the top of what you can see in the picture, only to realize that there is a whole other mountain behind that that we would have to climb. Since it was so windy, we decided that getting to the top of that was enough accomplishment for today (plus the fact that we are all really out of shape).

So we spent the rest of our time there driving really slowly around the park and saying that we would come back when it was warmer to go hiking to all the neat little places that you could go look at.

On the other hand, I have been getting my exercise in. I went to the mall one day, walked for about 40 minutes and bought myself  a nice shirt (only cost me $10, again, will post pictures once I figure out my camera.), then stood at work all day Saturday. But unfortunately was sick on Sunday.

It was really weird but I think that it was mostly because I had finally relaxed from school. I felt okay if I was laying down but once I got up I felt really heavy, like I had a 12 pack of soda strapped to my feet and arms. I felt SO heavy. But today, I hiked up that mountain, so that must count for something. Going to try to go walking tomorrow if the weather is nice. If it isn't I am going to either go to the mall or SOMETHING. But I really am trying hard not to spend anymore money this month since I won't be getting any financial aid for the summer and it is going to cost me a chunk of change! Why do they make it so expensive anyway?

I also just remembered that I need to go to the church and take all my posters down since a new quarter is coming up. This time the theme is going to be a farm theme. I might just count that as my exercise since I need to take the posters down, put the chairs and little pulpit back into storage and get out some scenery for the next theme. It does take a little work, and it will be inside so I think that doing that will probably be my exercise for the day, plus I can always go for a walk too if I don't get much of a work out.

Pictures of everything to come. Promise!

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