Thursday, September 27, 2012


The good, the bad, and (usually if they're bad) the ugly!

So this weekends homework is showing what I consider good and bad websites, and why I do or do not like them. And explain.....

So to start off...This is an example of a bad site. A really bad site.

If you have never seen this site before this is If you have never had the pleasure of being on this site, generously thank your computer and maybe even buy a new mouse pad for it, or a bigger USB. ;) Just kidding!

But seriously though! This Site is horrid!! It is so hard to find what you are looking for. SO hard, and the search engine is just as bad! Bad, bad, bad, bad!!!!!!!
I don't like the plethora of colors is is almost confusing, there is black, white, yellow, red, and grey. It looks like they just chose random colors and went with them. I think the site would make a bigger impact if it was Gold and White, since that is the school colors and use different shades of them. It would be more consistent and would bring the website together more. I also am not a big fan of all the different sizes of boxes, nothing is aligned, period. All in all my general impression is ick!

On the flips side here is a good example...

So, I really enjoy the design of this website because everything is so well aligned. I also like the fact that even though there are a lot of boxes, they are aligned. I also like the fact that their logo really pops out from the page. I also like that their page colors are analogous. And you can immediately tell where the navigation is, where the links are, and where to sign in. Also they did a great job with making the bottom columns all float correctly. I really appreciate that because it is really extremely hard to do sometimes. ;)

Well, I hope everybody has a great weekend!

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