Thursday, September 13, 2012

Saturday Fun

So if you happen to know me in person at all, you would know that I am a very busy person. I figgured that I am working 4 different jobs right now: school, library, football filming intership, and a graphic design job on the side. This being said, I usually don't have a whole lot of free time during the week, and very little on the weekends (if at all-especially if I am working at the library on Saturday). So I decided that I am going to do something fun this weekend.

I have a sewing/embroidery machine. And I am going to applique some really cute patterns onto some pillow cases and clothes. I am going to cook a few things. I might even get to do some thrift shopping (which I really really enjoy).  One of the reasons that I really really enjoy thrift shopping is the thrill of the chase. You never know what kind of treasures you're going to find at a used store. I have found some of the coolest things at some of these places.

Well, I hope some of you have something fun for the weekend. Post below something you are doing or wish you could be doing this weekend. (Keep it clean please ;)  ). If I do get to do something fun I will try and post a picture later.

Ttyl, Have a great weekend everyone!!

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