Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Farmer at Heart

You know your a farmer at heart when a truck of pink snouts drives by...

Let me explain. The other day I was at work on the Bookmobile and we were sitting at a stop light. As the light turned green for the other people, a livestock truck drove by. Being in Southern Idaho these trucks are usually full of dairy cows. We'll not today! As it drove past us I looked at it and saw a bunch of pigs. The funniest part was that most of them has their snouts sticking out of the holes sniffing the air. It was kind of like they were saying "Hello! Hello!" I thought that it was super cute. Plus it makes me smile!

Speaking of pigs, I just put a new finger puppet set in the shop called "Farmer in the Dell" which includes a farmer, a dog, a cat and a chicken!

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