Monday, August 11, 2014

Book Review: Dear America Series "Christmas After All"

I love the Dear America Series! It is a wonderful way to get kids and possibly adults interesting in reading and/or interested in history.

If you have never read a Dear America book, I am really sorry! ;) They are really really well written. One of my all time favorite books is a Dear America book it's the diary of Anetka Kaminska during the mining boom in America. I have read it so often that I can pick it up, flip to any page, and know right where I'm at in the story.

Sadly, it is out of print. :( but my mom did buy it for me as a Christmas present one year so I can read it any time I want to! I usually don't buy a book because our local library has such a great selection. They have a lot of the Dear America books in the children's section.

The reason that I like these books so much is because they are geared towards 11-13 year-olds that are curious about history. I also like historical fiction because it brings history to life. I like having a personal perspective on a historical event. Plus, in reading books like these you can understand not just the event but also people's attitudes towards what's going on, cultural references that we wouldn't understand today, and a character that you have a personal connection with.

Anyway, I said all that to tell you about one of the latest Dear America books "Christmas After All: the diary of Minnie Swift (Indianapolis, Indiana, 1932).

The reason that I started reading this book is because I am fascinated with life in America during the depression into World War II. If we had time to sit down over a cup of coffee or tea I would tell you all about why I am fascinated because I have done a lot of studying about this period so I know quite a bit. ;) I have often said that if I had a time machine I would go back to the 1930s so that I could see it all unfold.

This book was really great! It talked about all sorts of interesting things. I also learned was Aspic was. Gross! But you'll have to read that for yourself!

It was fascinating how she talked about different people and how some handled losing all that they had and what the concerns of the adults in her life were. An awesome read! Pick it up and read it for yourself!

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