Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Things you should know about: Quizlet

This is a fantastic resource for good and bad studiers alike. It is free and offers a little extra nudge for those who need to study or find studying difficult. I have used for over five years now and I still love it!
 It is really quick and easy to set up and it doesn't take up much time.

Sets of vocabulary are quick and you can put as much or as little information as you want.

 Quizlet also offers different ways to study and you can even test your self to see how much information you really know, it also offers different ways of testing including: fill in the blank, multiple choice, and even matching!

Of course, you can always upgrade to add different things but I think that the free version works just fine. Sign up today for Free! Plus the best part is that if you don't like it, it didn't cost you a thing!

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