Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Crafster Alert! Things You Should Know About: Free Lessons on Craftsy

Hello everybody I just wanted to share another wonderful site for crafty people. This website is called Craftsy. You purchase or get free lessons on crafty things. I love love love this site. It offers little lessons and there are videos that you can watch. AMAZE!! Seriously sweet site!

So this is my homepage, as you can kind-of see on the left are several classes that I have signed up for and in the middle is a class that I last looked at. Pretty cool!

You can also search for specific classes on Craftsy as well. Here I was searching for the term "sew" and it popped up with a huge list.
Prices on Craftsy range from free to $50. I personally have only taken the free ones at this point.
Craftsy also offers patterns, DIY project to try, supplies, and even a blog. This is really a handy tool/resource for any crafty person. Check out Craftsy.com now!

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