Friday, January 17, 2014

Things You Should Know about: Book Renter

If you are in college or you have been to college, you know that textbooks can get expensive very quickly. I found that I really hate going to the college bookstore because I feel like a sucker when I buy them and I feel like one when I sell my book. (I have also discovered that I am not alone with this thought and that there are many others who experience it as well.) Well here is a solution! Renting textbooks! You pay one price, you don't have to worry about if it will sell at the end of semester or not, and, best yet, you don't have to get up early the last day of the semester when you're half-dead to fight the crowds to re-sell your book to the bookstore.

Last semester I rented mostly from Amazon and the bookstore on campus but I have found an even better place! BookRenters! This place is amazing! I have found some books that were going to cost me several dollars were only $16 or $17 dollars to rent, also I just saved about $200 by renting from BookRenters! I seriously recommend that if you are going to college you check this place out!

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