Saturday, December 7, 2013

Book Review: Alligent

So I have been waiting for this particular book for quite a while as I had read the first two books of the series. I really loved the first two as they were adrenaline pulsing and a very fast read. It is a dystopian novel where the people have divided into certain parts of society and have desired to be only one thing. I found the concept well conceived but I was sorely disappointed by the third novel.

I was disenchanted with this book for a couple of reasons. First, the book doesn't really get the characters anywhere new, and secondly I hated the way it ended. Spoiler alert: but what is with authors pushing their characters off of cliffs? Hunger games ended up in a very similar circumstance as have many other books I've read. If you can't bring your character to a good conclusion then don't make your books into a series. Please! It isn't fair for those of us who have stuck around to the third book in your series only to find that the main character goes crazy, rides off into the sunset, suddenly decides that they can kill their kidnapper, or dies. Really! I know it may be hard but I am sure you can find a better solution than above to end your book. I would have more respect for you as a writer if you can wrap up your series into a decent conclusion. Thank you!

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