Monday, November 4, 2013

The Great American Vacation Series (Post #6)

I think that lately I have been pretty "on top" of things as it were. I feel like I have gotten a lot done with this series lately. The holidays are quickly coming up so I am sure that life is going to be a little more hectic soon. But! Don't worry because there will be new posts!
On with the Yellow Stone Trip! (BTW-this is a picture heavy post so sorry if the pictures take a little to load) :)
This is one of the sneak peak pictures that I showed you last week. We are at one of the stops at Yellow Stone and there was so many (seriously a lot) people that we were having a hard time finding a parking space. My grandparents had already been there last summer so my grandpa said that we could get out and look around while he circled the parking lot to find a space.
When we got out my grandma noticed that the parking sign was a little loose. So we were goofing around and told her that it might be easier if we took the sign and just parked the car there. Ha-ha! So I had her hold the sign while I took a picture!

So this place that we stopped at had a river going by it and as you can see from the picture there was a run off coming from a lake at the top. You will have to look close at the picture to see the steam coming off but I thought that it was a neat picture.
This is a view of the same stream from the top

Here is where the lake turns into a stream

The lake at the top is called Excelsior Geyser Crater

Hello everyone! Here I am enjoying my vacation!

This is another little lake that was at the top as well.

I thought that this little lake (or large puddle) was interesting because it had all these rock kind of things in it. (See the next picture for a closer look)

Another angle of the rocky lake

So this is near the largest lake. I found it interesting because as the water cools it starts to be a place where things can live.

Here is a closer look. I think that it kind of looks like veins or like tree bark.

Again, it is so amazing that there could be this many colors in one spot.

My little sister, Emily, with a dragonfly on the brim of her hat!

My other sister, Grace, looking down on another lake and feeling the steam.

This lake was so hot that it was boiling.

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