Friday, November 1, 2013

Fabulous Finds Friday

Happy November 1st!

So my great-grandmother lives at a retirement home and every so often they take a "Mystery Ride" on the home bus and go somewhere different.

Personally, I think it sounds a little creepy but I guess if your over the age of 70 there isn't much chance of somebody wanting to kidnap you.

Anyway, sorry for the rabbit trail, that week she didn't get to go on the Mystery Ride and said that when some of her friends got back they were talking about a humming bird place in the South Hills of Idaho. Well, my grandpa researched the information and found this article on that talks about this place. So we hopped in the car and took a ride to see what the excitement was all about.

So we found the place and there are places to sit and watch but you do have to be pretty quiet but you can stand almost right next to the feeder and take pictures.

This is definitely an activity that I would recommend for the whole family! Go check it out!

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