Sunday, November 10, 2013

New Series! 14 Days of Things that I am Thankful For! Family (Post #1)

The first thing that I would like to say I'm thankful for is:

I am thankful for my family. We never get to say often enough how much we love our family. I just wanted to send a shout out to families to day and say how thankful I am for each and every person in my family. (Including Pepper, our dog. Jack, the cat, not quite as much. ;). )

They have helped me when I was down and loved me when I thought that no one else did. I appreciate them and I want them all to know just how much they mean to me.

So remember to take some time today and tell someone that you love them. Even if you have to call them. Don't send it in a text, it just doesn't mean as much as hearing it come out of your mouth. ;) Or make them a card and simply say "I love you!" It could make all the difference.

I am reminded of a story I read in one of those chicken soup for the soul books. It was a story about a girl who was getting ready to commit suicide. She had decided that she was going to swallow a whole bottle of pills and she was in the bathroom getting ready to commit the act when the phone rang. It was her mother wanting to know if she would like a new pair of flip-flops since she was at the store. The girl, of course, didn't really care but decided to tell her mom that no she didn't want a new pair since she didn't think that she would get the chance to wear them if she was going to commit suicide. As she was getting ready to end her conversation with her mom, her mom said one last thing. "Hey honey!" "Yeah?" "I love you." And suddenly the girl realized that, you know what, somebody really did love her and she decided that life was worth living after all.

So take some time to let others know that you appreciate them.

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