Saturday, November 16, 2013

14 Days of Things that I'm Thankful For! Old People (Post #7)

Today I would like to say that I am thankful for old people. Now, I know that saying that might sound weird but I really am thankful for them. I am so glad that I don't have to figure out everything on my own. I think that people really should have more respect for the older generation. I know they aren't the fastest or the greatest with new technology but they have lived through some pretty tough situations.

I don't think that a lot of people my age understand just what kind of life experience some of the 80 and 90-year-old have. They have seen WWII and the Vietnam War, they sacrificed for their country, they scrimped by during the Great Depression to make ends meet, they worked hard and looked hopefully towards the future. They encouraged their children to get an education so that America could continue to be the greatest nation on earth. They had a backbone and stood up for what they believed in.

So I just want to remind us to not take Great-Grandma for granted and just to tell her that you appreciate her or to take an hour or two and play a quick game of dominos or bridge with her. Or simply ask her what it was like when she was a child, have her pass down some stories that you can tell to your great-grand children someday. Do this so that our past isn't lost. Help the future to go forward by looking back every now and then.

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