Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Great American Vacation Series (Post #3)

Yay! So you have made it this far in the Great American Vacation. I wanted to share a few more pictures with you.

So the last post left off with a picture of some run off water. That area was a big boardwalk in a circle that went through several pools and hot spots.

This next picture is one of the "paint pots" It is really neat because it is very paint like substance. At least it is in the way it looks. I thought that it looked like thick white paint.

This is a closer view of some of the bubbles.
This is another steaming part. It was some red rocks and the next picture is a closer view of a few of them.
I really thought that this one in particular was vastly fascinating because of all the different colors. There was grey, red, orange, yellows, and even a little green.

This is some more steaming rock type places. It was weird though how you could have beautiful forest on one side and barren land with holes that steamed on the other. Such an interesting place.

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