Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day

I hope that everyone had a happy Labor Day.

If you don't know why Labor Day is a holiday, you seriously need to do some research. It is a pretty interesting piece of American History.

Normally, we "labor" (or work) as my mom calls it on Labor Day. It always seems that we have some kind of big project to do that day. Usually it is a big cleaning day. One year we even built two sheds for the back yard.

Thankfully though, this time we got to attend the fair. The fair usually starts the Thursday before Labor Day and ends on Labor day.

It was strange though, there wasn't that many people. Most buildings and vendors that we went to only had a handful of people. Normally the crowd is thick and you go where the crowd leads you.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the fair. It was nice and I enjoyed spending the time with my family.

Hope yours was just as nice as mine was.

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