Wednesday, September 18, 2013


So today I was planning on making pizza for lunch. I have been thinking about making pizza all morning. I was going to come home, get out the bread, sauce, and cheese. It was going to be a really yummy lunch.

I get home (well not my home but the house I am house-sitting) and their house cleaner is there. She is a really nice lady and she's working away. I turn on the oven, get out my ingredients and start making a delicious meal.

Well.........I start to smell something funny but I can't place it. I look over at the oven and there is smoke coming out if it. So the smoke alarms start going off and I am thinking "Uh oh..." So the people I am house sitting for also have a security system and while the smoke alarms are going off the security alarm is too.

It turns out that the cleaning lady had sprayed oven cleaner in the oven. I didn't check the oven before I turned it on so I ended up only burning some cleaner.

To make a long story short, I did get the alarm finally stopped and the security system company called the fire department. The fire department showed up and I could tell that they weren't very impressed. I guess that I wouldn't be either. But I guess they are glad that nothing major was wrong.

So the house stunk and I opened up the windows and I am fine but just for future reference always check the oven before turning it on.

NOTE: Fire in picture not as bad as what actually happened but it could so be aware!

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