Friday, September 6, 2013

Soup of Nothingness

So today in English we are talking about Argumentation. We had to come up with a list of definitions pertaining to what exactly an argument is. Well folks, isn't as easy as you think. Our class came up with a list of 27 different ways to explain and describe an argument.

One of the points that I thought was really interesting was when we talked about arguments having a position (or a side that they agreed with). We stated that an argument had to have different sides to it and your position had to be strong in your argument otherwise it was a "soup of nothingness".

Actually, I think that this particular soup looks pretty good. Okay, no, it looks DELICOUS. But arguments shouldn't be that way.
People need to realize that if their argument isn't as enticing as this soup is. Nobody is going to want to eat it. (Opps, I mean agree with it!)

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