Monday, September 9, 2013

Play Dough

This past weekend I made some play dough for the Sunday School class that I teach. I made some because the ones that my mom had given to us were too hard for the kids to shape and play with. They did play with it but it was hard to form. (It was hard for me!) So I decided that it was time that we had some new play dough.

I used a recipe that I found on the blog It's Gravy Baby! and it was really easy! All I had to do was mix it up in a pot on the stove and viola! play dough. I had a little help from my little sister, Grace, and we made red, blue and green.

BTW It's Gravy Baby! has lots of different ideas for different kinds of play dough! Plus all of her recipes are really fun and easy to make. I would also have to say that her recipes are kid tested since she has children of her own. She also has lots of other ideas for fun crafts for kids.

Here is a picture found on Google (got to love that place!) to give you an idea of homemade play dough ( if you haven't seen any!)

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