Thursday, June 20, 2013

Like you need another craft!!!

Happy Thursday everyone!

I was reading one of my favorite blogs, Blue Eyed Beauty Blog, and she said that she is going to be posting for a new blog called Refashion Co-op!

The lady who writes Blue Eyed Beauty Blog often blogs about all the re-fashions she has done. So I thought that this would be great to show those of you out there that like to craft and be fashionable.

Basically re-fashion is when you take an old garment, say that shirt that has gotten to be too small, and make it into something new, like a fancy vest or something.

I know it isn't like you really need more crafts to do, because I certainty don't but hey, it can't hurt to look. Right? Well...anyway, it might not hurt some of you but I thought that taking a peek at both of these could get those creative juices flowing. Whether or not you like to re-fashion clothing!

I just hope I don't spend to many hours on these sites. ;)

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