Friday, August 19, 2016

Princess Story Part 4

Ariel and Jasmine ate their steaming hot pizza as they contemplated the possible places to buy invitations from.

“Hey!” cried Ariel. “What about Mad Letters?” she asked Jasmine.

“What’s Mad Letters?” Jasmine asked.

“Just about the best stationary shop in town. It’s run by this crazy old man though. He calls himself ‘The Mad Hatter’ and he always has these really interesting hats on,” said Ariel waving her hands around her head.

“That sounds interesting. I wonder if he could make some invitations for Snow’s birthday. Let’s go take a look.” Jasmine said wiping her mouth.

Jasmine and Ariel arrived at the stationary shop and went through the door.

“How do you do?” called an old man swinging a cup of tea around.

“Good, we came here to ask about some stationary.” Replied Jasmine dodging some splatters of tea.

“What kind of stationary?” asked the man.

“Birthday invitations,” replied Ariel.

“Is it an UN-birthday, I love UN-birthdays!” said the man jovially.

“Um, not exactly, we are throwing our friend, Snow White, a birthday party and we invitations sent out,” said Jasmine.

“Too bad, I just love UN-birthdays. Cup of tea?” he asked as he poured some cups for the girls.

“Sure!” replied Ariel taking a cup.

“We need invitations about a birthday party for Snow White for next Friday. Here is our list of people that the invitations need sent to.” Said Jasmine handing the man a list of people.

“Fantastic! I will get right on it. It is going to be $50.” He said looking over the list.

“Okay, here’s your money,” said Jasmine handing the man a fifty dollar bill.

Ariel and Jasmine left the shop. Ariel had to get back to her own store so she gave Jasmine a hug and walked down the street to her store. 

Jasmine texted Belle “Invitations good to go. Now what?”

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