Monday, August 15, 2016

Princess Story Part 2

Belle clicked the “end call” button and wondered where she could get a boat from.

“Hmmmm…..I wonder if the pirates would be willing to let us rent their boat for a day.” Belle decided that it was time to make a call and ask the Pirates if they would be willing to let the princesses rent their boat for a day. She picked up her phone and dialed 1-NEED-PIRATES, the local hotline for all things pirate.

“Arrrrgg,” answered a voice on the other end. “Pirate hotline for all things pirate!”

“Hello,” replied Belle. “I am looking to rent a boat for a party.”

“Arrrr-you going to need a pirate capture?” answered the voice on the other end.

“No, we are planning a birthday party but some catering would be nice if that’s a service you offer,” asked Belle politely.

“We Arrrgh a full hosting service and we do off-Aaargh catering as well,” replied the pirate on the other end of the phone.

“Great!” replied Belle. “We would like some princesses-type food with some fruit.”

“Would you like some cupcakes too?” asked the Pirate taking her order.

“Sure, that would be awesome!” replied Belle. That would take care of finding a cake. “We would like to rent this for next Friday.”

“Arrrrgh-right, I will put you on the schedule. Please meet us on the dock at 8:30 am on that day” replied the Pirate.

“Thanks!” replied Belle

“Have aarrgh great day!” replied the pirate as he hung up.

Belle texted Jasmine “Just booked the boat and they will make cupcakes for us! What else do you need?” and waited for Jasmine to reply.

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