Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Princess Story Part 3

Jasmine read the text from Belle. “Awesome!” she said aloud. “Now I just need to find some decorations. I wonder if Ariel would have any in her shop.” Jasmine grabbed her purse and headed out to talk to her other friend, Ariel.

Jasmine arrived at Ariel’s shop just before Ariel closed for lunch. “Hello Ariel!” said Jasmine as she waved through the window. Ariel rushed out and hugged Jasmine.

“It’s so good to see you! I was just about to close for lunch. What are you doing?” asked Ariel.

“I’m looking for decorations for Snow White’s birthday party and I thought of you and your shop. We already rented a boat and I just need to get some decorations. Did you happen to have anything?” asked Jasmine

“Yes, what great timing! I have some pink balloons and some fun hula skirts. I think that it would be super fun to use those and I just got a huge box of flamingos! Wouldn’t that be fun?” asked Ariel excitedly.

“Awesome! That sounds great! Now I just need to find someone who can make invitations,” said Jasmine. “Will you be able to come to the party?” she asked Ariel.

“Absolutely! I love a good party! What day?” Ariel replied.

“Friday, we’ll see you there!” said Jasmine.

Jasmine and Ariel then went out to eat some pizza and figure out who could help them with the invitations.

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