Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Princess Party Story Part 1

Once upon a time a beautiful princess, named Jasmine decided that she was going to throw a surprise party for her friend Snow White. However, since princesses know that sharing is caring Jasmine called one of her other best friends, Belle. Jasmine decided that the best way to call Belle was to Facetime her. She quickly pulled out her phone and called Belle.

“Hello!” said Belle when she saw Jasmine.

“Hi! I called you because Snow White’s birthday is coming up soon and I thought it would be fun to throw her a surprise party! You in?” ask Jasmine excitedly.

“Sure! What theme are you planning on?” ask Belle

“Well…I’m not sure yet. Don’t tell the dwarfs though, you know that they can’t keep a secret. We will just invite them with everyone else the day before.” Jasmine replied.

“Okay, will do. How about we rent a boat?” asked Belle.

“Sure, can you figure that out and I will work on decorations. I will ask some of the other girls to help too!” said Jasmine excitedly.

“Great! I will get right on it! Goodbye!” said Belle excitedly as she hung up.

Jasmine smiled happily the plan was coming together so well!

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