Friday, October 25, 2013


Sorry that it has been so long since I have updated or made a new post but it kind of feels like life has been kicking my can for the last couple of weeks.

Anyway, I hope everybody else is doing well.

New things to take note of:

This is the 100th post of Dynamic Crumbs! Thanks to viewers like you!

Swagbucks has added an app for SBTV which is a lot faster way to earn swagbucks! You only have to watch 5 videos (or commercials in my case) to get 2 swagbucks. Which is great because normally you have to watch 10 videos to get 3 swagbucks so now we can earn more and faster! Yay!

Urban Threads has a new freebie! I wasn't a fan of the new one they have but if you like it yay because it is FREE!

Designs by Juju extended their sale until November 1st and they have a new design out!

Also, keep check Daily Embroidery for your daily freebie!

Here is a picture for everyone to keep them in the fall mood!

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