Wednesday, October 2, 2013

2 Things that would make life easier

Here are a few ideas that I have that I think would make life easier

1) No eating = wouldn't it be great if we didn't have to spend all that time and money on eating. Seriously, think about it! How much time does it take for you to eat all day long. How much money do you spend on eating. When I was in elementary school I read a book about a kid that did a science experiment and makes himself photosynthetic. I think that it is a great idea. Sure there are a few problems with it but doesn't it sound good?

...Aha! So after doing a good search this is what I ended up with...

Despite the disapproval of his parents and his formidable science teacher, nine-year-old Allen determines to do his science project on human photosynthesis. (Amazon summary)
2) Teleporting = again, how much money and time do we spend on travel? Think about Christmas, how much easier would it be if we all had teleporting. No more busy streets, no more auto accidents, plus when you were going on a long trip it wouldn't cost $60 to fill your tank! Think about it.
What do you think would be world changing? Post a comment!

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