Friday, July 18, 2014

Things you should know: Pizza organization

I went to an "I love to sew" club meeting and I heard an awesome tip that I want to share.

The lady who was giving the talk was discussing organization. She said that to keep her quilt squares pressed and neat she keeps them in an unused pizza box. She did mention that sometimes the pizza place will charge you about 30 cents for a box but that it was a very cheap organizing box. I thought it was a fabulous idea!

So I had an excuse to go out for pizza (I guess you do too now! Ha-ha). In honesty, I didn't make a special trip but my sister and I decided to eat Pizza Hut one afternoon. We both had their lunch special (which is an awesome deal by the way!) so we ended up with enough left-overs that the waitress brought us two small boxes. We didn't really need two so we combined them into one and saved the other box. I would still like a larger one for bigger quilt squares but the one I have now work very well. I really like it and it does help to keep things organized. Plus, a pizza box fits just about anywhere.

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