Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Frozen inspired Finger Puppets and Concert

On Thursday my family and I went to hear the city band concert in the park. The theme of the night was Disney and they sounded awesome!

Unfortunately, I have to work the night that they practice so I don't get to play this summer. But the good news is the my sister and grandpa play in the band so I at least get to go and hear the awesome music.

Anyway, sine the theme was Disney and since I had recently opened my Etsy shop I decided to give away some finger puppets (the Frozen Disney movie inspired ones) for the "mystery melody". "Mystery Melody" is when the band randomly selects a piece of music and plays it without revealing the name and you have to guess what the title is (as it appears in the director's score). The announcers bring around a hat that you put a piece of paper into with your name and what you think the song title is on it. The first few people they pick out of the hat win a prize. The prizes are whatever people or businesses donate so they can be anything from band paraphernalia to local shop gift cards to event tickets. It is a lot of fun!

Well before the concert even started my mom saw a family we know and gave them a heads-up about what the prize was going to be. The lady decided to buy a couple of sets from me for her kids to play with while they listened to the concert. Which made me really happy because I didn't expect any selling to happen that night. I did being my finger puppets with me to finish while I was listening and I'm very glad I did. The really funny thing is that one of her kids won the finger puppets that they gave away! The kids were really happy and they really enjoyed playing with them!

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