Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Things You Should Know: Machine Maintenance and Repairs

As a few of you know, I have had machine troubles lately. Thankfully, they are both working now (working very hard since I use them every day). When my Baby Lock (awesome machine by the way) went down I took it to my local sewing center. When my Singer broke too I tried to take it to the sewing center as well.

Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) for me the sewing center didn't take Singer brands because they were certified to work on them. Well, in a mad panic (more or less, probably more) I phoned my mother and told her than I needed help finding SOMEBODY to fix my (insert name calling words here) Singer. Well, from what I found the nearest certified Singer repair place was about two and a half hours away. Well, that wouldn't work.

Thankfully, when my mother came home she had discovered that Hancock Fabrics had a local repair man that could fix it in about a week. Well, to make a long story short, the repair at Hancock's was faster and cheaper than the sewing center. Plus, I had a few more problems and the repair man made a house call to my place on a Saturday. Awesome! I will be bringing him my machines in the future because of the fabulous service. So my suggestion/helpful hint for today would be to check your local fabric shop and see if they know any repair people, you never know.

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