Thursday, November 6, 2014

My dog is officially spoiled rotten!

Normally my dog will eat whatever you happen to offer him, with the exception of a few vegetables. In fact, he has become quite good at begging. He will stare at you with his big brown eyes weakening your resistance. If that doesn't work then he sniffs sadly at your knees. Failing that, he will lay his chin on your leg with a plop. 

The other day we had dinner at McDonald's and had a few leftover chicken nuggets. We put them in the fridge. Yesterday, my sister went to give Pepper, our dog, a treat and she remembered that there were chicken nuggets in the fridge. 

Normally Pepper just gobbles up any kind of Chicken. Well when Emily went to give him a nugget he simply took it from her and set it on the floor. 

This confused my sister and she asked my dad what was wrong with Pepper. To make a long story short, Emily had to warm the Chicken nuggets up in the microwave before the dog would eat any Chicken nuggets. So in short, our dog is spoiled rotten. :)

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