Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy Birthday Grace!

It's my sister's birthday today! She is really excited and so are the rest of us. She wanted an awesome cake and she said that it would be really neat if we could find one with a Hunger Games theme.

Well, we took it a step above and here's what we created:

Mom baked it but I decorated it. It is based off of the dress Katniss wears in the 2nd movie. And the bottom of the cake is some ribbon that we found at Micheal's. She really liked it and I hope you do as well! The top of the dress is some lace that I wrapped around the doll and the bow and arrow are just frosting and I used a cake decorating tip to create the waves on the dress. Also we used some yellow and orange sprinkles on the cake. There is also some orange frosting spray that I used to enhance the flame looks.
I think it looks pretty close! ;)

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